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Ted more than just repaired my light fixture. I couldn't tell where the repairs were, and yet it looked brand new. Super fast. Super accommodating. So friendly. I'm excited to get 2 more lamp shades repaired, and maybe get a memorial piece created for my daughter. Thanks Ted!

Heather Aku Fancourt

January 20, 2018

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We worked with Ted at Glass Act studios to make two art glass windows for our home. We couldn't be happier with the design and craftsmanship!

David Thompson

January 20, 2018

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Extremely pleased with the work Ted did for our front entry window. He captured who we are as a couple into art. A beautiful wedding gift from our close friend Maury, and Ted delivered incredible work!

Jen Devolder

January 21, 2018

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by Wendy Marshall on Blank Business Name
The Three Amigo's

I fell in love with the wolf on a rock and thought he was enough .. until I saw the bear on a rock and had to have him! So when my husband asked me what I would like for my birthday I immediately knew that I had to complete my collection with the moose. Although both the wolf and the bear had already been created before I had bought them, I got to choose my colours for the moose. Ted showed me some ideas he had and through his patience we came up with 'Jeff'. Ted was so enthusiastic to complete my collection and I couldn't believe how quick he created this wonderful work of art. Ted makes you feel like no glass artwork is off limits! He's a genius! I now have my 'Three Amigo's", Jeff (moose), Bob (wolf) and Dave (bear) and they have become a feature point in our house.We love Ted's work so much we are working on our next commission for my sister's 50th. She deserves something unique and special and, Ted's the man that delivers.We would highly recommend him.

by Neil Rao on Blank Business Name

This experience was phenomenal! I contacted Ted at Glass Act Studio to inquire about making a piece for my wife’s birthday. He was amazing to talk to, full of energy, so pleasant and had ideas galore. I should point out that I am blind, and Ted had no issues helping me. He was able to describe his thoughts and answers with so much detail that I had no problems imagining what the piece we were designing would look like. I didn’t have any specific ideas when I contacted Ted, but together we brainstormed some fantastic concepts. We decided to fill our front door sidelight with a piece that would represent our family of 4 in a tree of life. Because of my limitations, I asked Ted for a lot of help. Without hesitation he took control of the process from start to finish at my request. He came to the house, took measurements, making note to let his design mask the mullions on the window. A small detail that really makes a big difference. Further along in the process, Ted invited me down to his studio so I could feel the caming and glass layout to really visualize the design and so I could request any changes. Even the glass colors and selection were done to coordinate with our homes decor and my wife’s favourite hues. Finally, as Leslie’s birthday arrived, Ted came back to the house and installed his finished piece of art in our sidelight. He was sure to prearrange a time with me, when Leslie would not be home, so as to keep the surprise. That evening, she came home, and immediately had tears of joy and elation. IT WAS PERFECT! Ted had created a masterpiece, my wife describes. He had captured exactly what Leslie and I had been imagining even though I hadn’t been able to convey the exact idea to him. The background was broken into three levels of sky, ground and below ground, done to perfectly line up and hide the mullions. In the foreground, the top half of the piece was a beautiful tree, which Ted had over soldered with heavy lead so I could feel the piece and enjoy it while adding texture to the tree for visual appeal. The roots of the tree grab your attention on the bottom half of the window, where the roots are representative of our strong family ties which hold up and support each member of our family. Most importantly, the roots are nurtured by four water droplets showing how each of our family contributes to the wellbeing of our family and each other. Leslie describes the colors of glass as amazing and so unique. She also describes the whole piece as stunning and a priceless piece of art that we will cherish forever. Thank you Ted for giving us an heirloom to pass down for generations. Thank you for your patience, understanding and assistance in giving me all that I needed to to participate in the creative process. Both Leslie and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Ted and Glass Act Studio to all of our friends and family. He is the consummate professional when it comes to his business but also the compassionate master artist when it comes to his pieces and customers. Ted, we will be back to commission more work, because it was such a pleasure to work with you and the outcome is simply amazing.

by Julia Kieren on Blank Business Name

My purchase was intended to be one piece however I ended up purchasing three pieces. It was meant to be a 25 wedding anniversary gift however when I saw the other pieces I couldn’t decide. My husband and I were about to celebrate our wedding anniversary so I selected a gorgeous bear on a stone for him. My mother in law received a beautiful hanging polar bear and my sister in law and her husband received another beautiful bear on a rock. Ted has a natural eye and talent. This isn’t my last visit.

by Sheila Jarvie on Blank Business Name
Amazing Work

I contacted Ted about his stained glass bears. He walked me step by step through the process of creating one of these works of art. His passion for his work really shows. I enjoyed being part of the process for "my" bear. It's beautiful and the receiver will love it. Originally, I just wanted the bear but I came away with the bear and a gorgeous stained glass window of poppies. Thanks Ted!

by Cindy and Nick on Blank Business Name
Cabinet Door Inserts

When we built our new kitchen, we intentionally left two cabinets open for stained glass. It became a year long side project thinking on what to do and who to do it. Ted's work really stood out to us so when we contacted him at the end of November thinking it would be a spring project... imagine our suprise at it being the middle of December and our doors are already complete! Ted captured exactly what we were looking for and brought creative ideas for our doors to be even that much better. His patience, attention to detail, and creativity was very much appreciated. Thank you, Ted!

by Mike Yerex on Blank Business Name
Awesome Meaningful Window

We contacted Ted with the hope of putting something interesting in a large boring window above our entry door.We discussed our ideas and Ted came to our house to look at the site and give us some ideas.By the time we were done, together we had come up with a plan for an awesome piece that not only would improve the window but would also represent our family in a beautiful one of a kind piece of art.Once it was installed we were awestruck by the beauty and in its location it sends beautiful beams of coloured light on various parts of our entry at different times of day.We could not be happier with the piece and would recommend Ted to anyone who even thinks they might like a piece of glass art in there home.Thanks Ted, it was wonderful working with you.Mike & Scheie

by Justin Strong on Blank Business Name
Fantastic Restoration

Ted repaired a vintage blown glass window panel for me. He did an incredible job finding matching glass and replacing the broken panes (about half of the piece). I also thought his rate was very reasonable. He has great attention to detail and definitely takes pride in every project he undertakes. If I ever need any glasswork done again, I'm coming back to Ted in a heartbeat.

by David Thompson on Blank Business Name
5 star work

Just following up on prior comments with 5 star rating.

by Heather on Blank Business Name
A breathtaking legacy for my daughter

I first met Ted after finally finding someone who could fix my Tiffany lamps. I can't even tell they were repaired, as they look like new. After explaining that I was raising my grandson due to my daughter losing her life in a motor vehicle accident, Ted suggested a memorial glass window, since I love stained glass. He worked with me to create a set of 3 window panels, all representing part of my daughter's life. One has a tree of life and the colours are amazing. Another has Saskatchewan's living skies, and the third has my daughter in it. When Ted installed them, he had my grandson help him. My grandson was the very last person to touch the back side of each panel before they were installed long term. Ted is not only a talented glass worker, but he is now a very treasured friend. Absolutely a breathtaking legacy for my beloved daughter.